Are you willing to change how you Recruit and Source Talent?

I have recently been through some interesting research on how the marketplace recruits and selects candidates and let me say that I have been astounded how the process works!

ZMA is rife (Zero Matches Available), Job Descriptions are limited, out of date or non-reflective of the actual role itself.Interview techniques are based on a crib sheet that has been part of the process for the last decade and selection for jobs are based upon responses to questions that are presented during the interview using a behavioural checklistthat just tick the boxes based on your actual response. No one seems to look at your actual skill-sets as an individual or even takes one further step to qualify natural attributes that a role requires.How many times does an organisation employ staff, purely based on a set of questions and answers that are prepared with already predefined answers, that the interviewee has pre-learned through coaching and mentoring?Does this actually mean that unless you fit inside th…

Same old fluff!

Is it just me or is it the same old problems wrapped up in a different package?
Recently I have noticed that I find myself reading more and more articles and saying over and over, is this not the same old problem but bound up in a different wrapping?
In a short space of time we have explored the 70/20/10 and the lack of resource, the need for competency models to map behaviours where we are should be trying to map against Talent,to reduced career advice causing major lack of right people and right jobs.
Why do we continue this never ending spiral of complexity in order to confuse and detract from what really is the key problem and insist on using overpriced and complicated software and ideals, in order to provide the miracle solutions we perceive we need?
I have to wonder if we are caught up in the world of fluff and bluff, just to hide the fact that everyone is full of smoke and mirrors.Are we not just making things more complicated by trying to fix multiple challenges by inviting more c…

Foundations crumbling

The status quo is changing and things that held true yesterday, last month, last year no longer do, fundamentally within less than half a generation we learn, work, play, communicate in ways which 50 years ago would have been thought of as science fiction.The speed at which the world is changing means that we have to either adapt and learn or fall by the wayside.
Because of the speed of change our basic fundamental building blocks are falling behind – we still have the same basic education system in place which we did 100 years ago – it has been tweaked and painted in bright colours but in real terms its structure and assumptions have not changed a huge amount it is still a one size fits all approach. Our children learn more about using computers and the world of IT not in the classroom but in front of their games console, on their mobile phone or home pc.
The same applies to the support we have when moving into the world of work either as a fresh faced student out of college and lookin…

Business Solution

Minerva I.T. provides a 3 step business solution which is illustrated by the equation P3=R and can either be used holistically or split into its components so as to support your current HR systems. It breaks down as follows

Profile your employees – Understanding an employee’s personality is key to understanding how best to develop, manage and motivate them. Our bespoke reporting system means you get to pick exactly what goes into the report and so don’t end up paying for words you will never use.
Profile your ideal candidate – Using our partner’s psychometric tool we can build you a picture of what your ideal candidate for a role is. By benchmarking vacant roles and then assessing candidates at application phase not only will you will have a higher probability of gaining an employee who will fit in the existing team but they are more likely to remain in post.
Position your Roles - we work with you to review your current roles and provide a simple yet comprehensive tool s…

PRESS RELEASE - David Miliband Meeting

A new and exciting partnership opportunity has come Minerva’s way!
Company director Nikki Mears was invited to attend a meeting between the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and former Foreign Secretary and Education Minister, David Miliband MP to demonstrate how Minerva IT can help to unlock the potential of the nation’s children and young people.
The event was arranged as one of Mr Miliband’s visits to meet people in local constituency areas and marked a dynamic partnership between a voluntary organisation, a university and a commercial company.
Greeting staff at the centre Mr Miliband said: “I want to renew my interest in how we help gifted kids especially those from backgrounds where they are not going to get the opportunity they deserve.
“Too often forgotten in the education system, is the hidden talent. I know from my own education that sometimes is a teacher, sometimes is the sports master and sometimes it’s an extra-curricular activity that could bring out something…


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