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Case Studies

Xpertise Case Study

QA or as it was Xpertise around how we grew the initial NT4 project (highlighted by the MS case study) into the Gateway and the Frameworks and how they helped us to drive right skills, right roles, right people etc.  How we managed the skills gap assessment process and how this gave us year on year focused demand signals and how we maximised on available resources and training and minimise the cost.  Plus we can also highlight how we supported a specific EDS client (Atlas but we cant mention them i dont think)
I spoke with Steve earlier and he is happy to do this

Global Knowledge Case Study

GKN around the ITIL and virtual training and how we secured this in order to support key business needs in the HP engineering teams (unless you think we should steer it another way?) - we can tie this into how we gathered this demand using the planner etc. and how that enabled us to make sure the right people were taking the courses and the money was used wisely etc. (I-orchard demand planner)

Computer Bookshops Case Study

Computer Bookshop on how opened up the blended learning solutions to provide a single search for knowledge and how books provided cost effective solutions to meet the right needs.

EMC Case Study

EMC on how we leveraged the vendor funding pool and used it to maximise the skills across the engineering teams using frameworks to identify the gaps and automated workflow to maintain the booking process ensuring right skills to right people in the right roles. Text Simon yesterday but not heard back yet but lets just draft it and send him - that way it forces his hand.
Even when you are a large company, a technical partner of your client and a training company to boot - it is not always easy to ensure that your offerings actually get to and are utalised by the right employees.

Microsoft Case study

IT Courses Help Services Company Upgrade 120 Clients to New Release Technology in Two Years Carefully tailored courses train EDS engineers in record time, giving them the skills they need to help EDS clients upgrade and future-proof operating systems quickly and efficiently.

EDS employs 130,000 people in more than 60 countries and is ranked one of the largest services companies on the Fortune 500 list. Its broad portfolio of business and technology solutions helps clients worldwide improve their business performance. The engineering division of EDS Integration Engineering alone employs more than 1,000 people in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).
Integration Engineering employees design and build technology for as many as 120 EDS clients in EMEA, rolling out solutions and providing support.
The needs of EDS clients change constantly. Their businesses grow, and they require new solutions to adapt to changing market demands. EDS makes sure that these businesses are supported b…

EDS Case Study

The initial catalyst that enforced this client to change the way they focused on reskilling meant that they needed to look at alternative methods to manage rapid reskilling against tight timelines.  This initial requirement invigorated their need to look at more responsive and ongoing skills transfer programmes in order to meet the ever changing needs of the IT industry, vendors and client

During this initial engagement stage with the engineering teams, the business had multiple needs:

Baseline all staff.
Deliver in time reskilling across the business to meet the real needs of their future roles
Minimise on cost and timeMaximise on skills transfer to meet the needs of today and into the future

A central Gateway was created to manage the demand, the delivery mechanisms and the Frameworks to map each team against

Frameworks to baseline staff and create skills gaps data – mapped to each capability area across the engineering functions  (Development Frameworks DFw’s)

Workflow to manag…