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Will Your Workforce Survive the Cloud Revolution?

It seems the future is written in the clouds or to be precise The Cloud and the growth and adoption of it will have a profound effect on all businesses, large and small, ranging from where data and information is stored right through to formally key skills becoming obsolete almost over night, as the big players, like Microsoft, move their products into the new arena.

Businesses need to start considering now how to Cloud proof not the outputs and products but also the existing workforce and their skills. Individuals need to consider how their skills are going to manifest in the future when products like Exchange no longer exist outside of the Cloud and both need to consider reskilling options to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

So here is some food for thought about Cloud

How are you embracing The Cloud and identifying the impact on some of your existing roles to understand how to reskill and redeploy them into new positions that will support the new cloud world?
Have you already ass…

Launch of MinervaIT

It's great to be part of something that is of huge value to the corporate world, but even greater when it is your own ideas and methodology. Launching Minerva IT has been a long time coming and provides a service which I feel is very much needed in today's complex business world. In fact, alot of clients that we talk to find it very hard to see the wood from the trees around managing Skills Development, Career progression and identifying the real skills gaps and solutions to meet them and at first do not fully embrace how our services can really cut through the complexity. What we aim to provide our clients is collaborative solutions that meet their own specific needs which work in harmony with existing HR and corporate solutions but deliver clear and simple paths for development to the end users. This is not fiction but a tried and tested set of offerings which I am proud to be part of and I look forward to meeting and talking to many more clients about how we can really provid…

Introduction to an I-Orchard

What IS an I-Orchard?
Well it's straight forward – we look at your business drivers, identify your business challenges, the direction and roadmap of your organisation and translate that to the needs of your people. We re-use as much of your existing platforms and our rich experience to help you meet those needs through one central focused Information Orchard.

Psychometric Testing Personality Profiling
Development Framework (DFw) Skills Gap Definition
Knowledge Auditorium (KA) Exact Offering to meet real need      = RE-PROVIOSION   
The frameworks to identify the complete skills needs of everyone within your
The skills gap of those people to meet these needs
The data to understand your business and personnel challenges
The ability to prioritise against key milestones or KPI`s
The foundation to create blended delivery methods to meet those challenges
The negotiation power to utilise all of you business assets with all your suppliers and Partne…

Development Frameworks

"If your manager could give you one single sheet of paper that told you what knowledge and skills you needed to gain in a year - signed by him/her and a list of the resources to get those skills - how useful would that be for you?"

Focused and clear Development Frameworks work in parallel with existing HR & Corporate tools in order to support the employees and managers in defining the real knowledge and skills needs.

Taking a more structured and focused approach to skills gap analysis, we provide a simple structure that can be used across any role within an organisation.  Development Frameworks (DFw) give employees a clear path to follow, assess and map against their own Development Plans and coupled with our other services such as a Knowledge Auditorium can provide a single solution to year on year skills uplift, reskilling or reprovisioning. Focused on Real Skills needsReduces the complexity of HR/Corporate toolsEmpowers the end user to manage themselvesDelivers clear …