Development Frameworks

"If your manager could give you one single sheet of paper that told you what knowledge and skills you needed to gain in a year - signed by him/her and a list of the resources to get those skills - how useful would that be for you?"

Focused and clear Development Frameworks work in parallel with existing HR & Corporate tools in order to support the employees and managers in defining the real knowledge and skills needs.

Taking a more structured and focused approach to skills gap analysis, we provide a simple structure that can be used across any role within an organisation.  Development Frameworks (DFw) give employees a clear path to follow, assess and map against their own Development Plans and coupled with our other services such as a Knowledge Auditorium can provide a single solution to year on year skills uplift, reskilling or reprovisioning.
  • Focused on Real Skills needs
  • Reduces the complexity of HR/Corporate tools
  • Empowers the end user to manage themselves
  • Delivers clear paths for progression
  • Provides a structure platform to build careers

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