Introduction to an I-Orchard

What IS an I-Orchard?

Well it's straight forward – we look at your business drivers, identify your business challenges, the direction and roadmap of your organisation and translate that to the needs of your people. We re-use as much of your existing platforms and our rich experience to help you meet those needs through one central focused Information Orchard.


  • Psychometric Testing
  • Personality Profiling

  • Development Framework (DFw)
  • Skills Gap Definition

  • Knowledge Auditorium (KA)
  • Exact Offering to meet real need
          = RE-PROVIOSION   

The frameworks to identify the complete skills needs of everyone within your
The skills gap of those people to meet these needs
The data to understand your business and personnel challenges
The ability to prioritise against key milestones or KPI`s
The foundation to create blended delivery methods to meet those challenges
The negotiation power to utilise all of you business assets with all your suppliers and Partners
A self managed, lifecycle programme of skills enhancement targeting today and the future
The ability to create a skills portal that allows key skill recruitment
The ability to offer a complete organisation-centric induction and skills development programme that is inherently linked to the direction of the organisation

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