Launch of MinervaIT

It's great to be part of something that is of huge value to the corporate world, but even greater when it is your own ideas and methodology. Launching Minerva IT has been a long time coming and provides a service which I feel is very much needed in today's complex business world.
In fact, alot of clients that we talk to find it very hard to see the wood from the trees around managing Skills Development, Career progression and identifying the real skills gaps and solutions to meet them and at first do not fully embrace how our services can really cut through the complexity. What we aim to provide our clients is collaborative solutions that meet their own specific needs which work in harmony with existing HR and corporate solutions but deliver clear and simple paths for development to the end users.
This is not fiction but a tried and tested set of offerings which I am proud to be part of and I look forward to meeting and talking to many more clients about how we can really provide them with simple, cost effective, skills development solutions.
Nikki Mears
Unified Knowledge Development - Consultant
Minerva IT Ltd
"Taking the complexity out of Skills Lifecycle Management and delivering simplistic solutions to meet the key needs of end users and Managers"

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