Will Your Workforce Survive the Cloud Revolution?

It seems the future is written in the clouds or to be precise The Cloud and the growth and adoption of it will have a profound effect on all businesses, large and small, ranging from where data and information is stored right through to formally key skills becoming obsolete almost over night, as the big players, like Microsoft, move their products into the new arena.

Businesses need to start considering now how to Cloud proof not the outputs and products but also the existing workforce and their skills. Individuals need to consider how their skills are going to manifest in the future when products like Exchange no longer exist outside of the Cloud and both need to consider reskilling options to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

So here is some food for thought about Cloud

How are you embracing The Cloud and identifying the impact on some of your existing roles to understand how to reskill and redeploy them into new positions that will support the new cloud world?

Have you already assessed the impact of Cloud on yoru current technical roles and how are you engaging programmes to redeploy staff/roles that will no longer be required?

What is your strategy for Cloud and have you already embraced a redeployment programme for roles that will be impacted.

How are you ensuring you retain your key talent when the Cloud revolution impacts?  Do you have a career redirction strategy in place?

Do you have a contingency plan around new skills for The Cloud and how they will impact your existing workforce? 
@ MinervaIT we are looking to the future and considering how we can help support this transition period within companies using a wide range of solutions. Using our I-Orchard solutions means not only can you identify the current skill gaps but you can also consider the future ones, assess other skills and identify where you can 'plug' in the employee who risks being displaced - after all no one posesses a skill in isolation!

If you are struggling to see the wood for the trees or if you have some of the answers but dont know where to go next - then come and talk to us @ info@minervait.net  and together we can clear the horizon

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