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The Wisdom of Knowing Yourself

‘It is Wisdom to know others It is enlightenment to know ones self’ Lao-Tzu
On every journey we take it is always wise to know our travelling companions, indeed, we give a fair amount of thought to their temperament, their social ability, their conversation or even their preferences around food and activity.  Forced to sit with someone who doesn’t meet our exacting standards and a journey stretches with every second becoming an hour or more, sit us with someone we have assessed and accepted and those very same seconds shrink to a fraction of a moment. But consider, for just one second, how well do you know the one person who is always with you, your travelling companion on all journeys even solitary ones – Yourself!  How well do you know You? The real You that is, not the You who is an outer shell, molded and ground by life like a pebble in a stream. The inside You, the bit who makes the judgements around other people, while the public You smiles sweetly.  When you were a child, that self …