PRESS RELEASE - David Miliband Meeting

A new and exciting partnership opportunity has come Minerva’s way!

Company director Nikki Mears was invited to attend a meeting between the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and former Foreign Secretary and Education Minister, David Miliband MP to demonstrate how Minerva IT can help to unlock the potential of the nation’s children and young people.

The event was arranged as one of Mr Miliband’s visits to meet people in local constituency areas and marked a dynamic partnership between a voluntary organisation, a university and a commercial company.

Greeting staff at the centre Mr Miliband said: “I want to renew my interest in how we help gifted kids especially those from backgrounds where they are not going to get the opportunity they deserve.

“Too often forgotten in the education system, is the hidden talent. I know from my own education that sometimes is a teacher, sometimes is the sports master and sometimes it’s an extra-curricular activity that could bring out something special in youngsters. Too often in Britain our youngsters don’t get the chance to show what they are capable of.”

Minerva It specialises in creating sophisticated technical solutions built around skills mapping and knowledge management. Using the unique methodology they bring together key features of educational mapping, personal career profiling and commercial talent management. For the client, Minerva It’s enabling technology delivers a 360 degree approach to unlocking the potential to each individual child.

It was a dialog between Minerva IT and the University Centre Milton Keynes that opened up an introduction to NAGC.

Nikki Mears said: “It was fascinating opportunity. We were doing some work with UCMK looking at how we can provide more of a solution to students in higher education.

“Our methodology very much focuses on unlocking the potential of the individual through an in depth understanding of their natural attributes. Our main aim is to understand and confirm some of the key challenges around youth unemployment and to share thinking with someone as influential as David Miliband.”

Minerva IT demonstrated how they might provide the architecture for a bespoke knowledge gateway for NAGC and its clients.

“It’s been very exciting to be involved in this meeting today,” Nikki Mears added.

“I hope it will lead too real achievements in 2012 and that by working together we can make a real difference to the life of the next generation.”

Elena Georgieva (UCMK)
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