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Minerva I.T. provides a 3 step business solution which is illustrated by the equation P3=R and can either be used holistically or split into its components so as to support your current HR systems. It breaks down as follows


Profile your employees – Understanding an employee’s personality is key to understanding how best to develop, manage and motivate them. Our bespoke reporting system means you get to pick exactly what goes into the report and so don’t end up paying for words you will never use.

Profile your ideal candidate – Using our partner’s psychometric tool we can build you a picture of what your ideal candidate for a role is. By benchmarking vacant roles and then assessing candidates at application phase not only will you will have a higher probability of gaining an employee who will fit in the existing team but they are more likely to remain in post.


Position your Roles - we work with you to review your current roles and provide a simple yet comprehensive tool so your employees understand what is expected of them and how they can progress, while you understand what is needed for them to undertake their role effectively.

Position your employees – Using the role profiles we work with your management teams to assess employees against them and identify any skills gaps both from a current and a future state – we provide you with a targeted training plan for each employee which means they will be getting the training they need and you won’t be paying for training they don’t need


Prescribe the way forward – We can create you a bespoke gateway which enables your employees to gain quick and effective access to the training they need while enabling you to easily manage training requests, budgets and mandated requirements.

By investing where it counts, understanding your resources and empowering your employees to gain the skills they need you increase the chances of the R in our equation.


Re-Provision  your employees  Using our tool employees are able to not only access the skills which they require in their current role but those they require in order to gain promotion or swap work streams – our tool provides a matrix so skill sets can be mapped to enable natural progression and movement in the workforce

Re-engage your employees – our psychometric assessment Management Report enables you to get a handle on how to manage each and every employee, how to motivate them, how they will react to discipline or stress, how to enhance their work environment and how to raise their productivity.

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