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Foundations crumbling

The status quo is changing and things that held true yesterday, last month, last year no longer do, fundamentally within less than half a generation we learn, work, play, communicate in ways which 50 years ago would have been thought of as science fiction.The speed at which the world is changing means that we have to either adapt and learn or fall by the wayside.
Because of the speed of change our basic fundamental building blocks are falling behind – we still have the same basic education system in place which we did 100 years ago – it has been tweaked and painted in bright colours but in real terms its structure and assumptions have not changed a huge amount it is still a one size fits all approach. Our children learn more about using computers and the world of IT not in the classroom but in front of their games console, on their mobile phone or home pc.
The same applies to the support we have when moving into the world of work either as a fresh faced student out of college and lookin…