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Same old fluff!

Is it just me or is it the same old problems wrapped up in a different package?
Recently I have noticed that I find myself reading more and more articles and saying over and over, is this not the same old problem but bound up in a different wrapping?
In a short space of time we have explored the 70/20/10 and the lack of resource, the need for competency models to map behaviours where we are should be trying to map against Talent,to reduced career advice causing major lack of right people and right jobs.
Why do we continue this never ending spiral of complexity in order to confuse and detract from what really is the key problem and insist on using overpriced and complicated software and ideals, in order to provide the miracle solutions we perceive we need?
I have to wonder if we are caught up in the world of fluff and bluff, just to hide the fact that everyone is full of smoke and mirrors.Are we not just making things more complicated by trying to fix multiple challenges by inviting more c…