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Are you willing to change how you Recruit and Source Talent?

I have recently been through some interesting research on how the marketplace recruits and selects candidates and let me say that I have been astounded how the process works!

ZMA is rife (Zero Matches Available), Job Descriptions are limited, out of date or non-reflective of the actual role itself.Interview techniques are based on a crib sheet that has been part of the process for the last decade and selection for jobs are based upon responses to questions that are presented during the interview using a behavioural checklistthat just tick the boxes based on your actual response. No one seems to look at your actual skill-sets as an individual or even takes one further step to qualify natural attributes that a role requires.How many times does an organisation employ staff, purely based on a set of questions and answers that are prepared with already predefined answers, that the interviewee has pre-learned through coaching and mentoring?Does this actually mean that unless you fit inside th…