Are you willing to change how you Recruit and Source Talent?

I have recently been through some interesting research on how the marketplace recruits and selects candidates and let me say that I have been astounded how the process works!

ZMA is rife (Zero Matches Available), Job Descriptions are limited, out of date or non-reflective of the actual role itself.  Interview techniques are based on a crib sheet that has been part of the process for the last decade and selection for jobs are based upon responses to questions that are presented during the interview using a behavioural checklist  that just tick the boxes based on your actual response.
No one seems to look at your actual skill-sets as an individual or even takes one further step to qualify natural attributes that a role requires.   How many times does an organisation employ staff, purely based on a set of questions and answers that are prepared with already predefined answers, that the interviewee has pre-learned through coaching and mentoring?  Does this actually mean that unless you fit inside that box and rehearse these so called “lip service” responses you will not get a look in – well in fact that is very much the case!!

There are too few organisations out there that look for the natural talent, the value that you can bring to the role, the innovation and success you have already had and the key contribution that you could make to their own organisation.
Breaking the mould to many means, changing the way they work and that is what the crux of the problem actually is.  There are so many people doing the same old things which will not change the game that we have ended up with everyone using a broken system because they cannot afford to fix it!

What then does this broken system offer as a future for our children?  Do we therefore offer them the choice to comply or be ignored?  Are we not seeing that a broken system does not work but have no voice that will make the change because of the impact it will have on many businesses themselves?  Is this really all that we can look forward to, a future of lying, pretending and putting square pegs in round holes?

Fixing the problem is not the problem – changing the process behind the problem is the challenge.  Is there anyone who is prepared to give that change a go?  Is there anyone who really believes that talent is from within and good talent can be nurtured and grown into great talent?  This is not about making the change by putting more resource into it, it’s not about it costing more, and it is about investing in making it work for you and seeing real talent within everyone.  It is simply about being honest enough to say, let me review how we work and see if there really is a more effective way of finding skills and talent where we have never looked before and removing the barriers of ZMA by changing how we identify real skills.
Would you be willing to test that question by putting up your hand and saying yes? 

Be an evangelist and join us in changing how you recruit and identify talent, one small step can bring new opportunities to both your business and open a new opportunity for someone who will really help your business to grow.   Contact us here to discuss
Nikki Mears
Minerva IT

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